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TOPIC: Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CONCEPT replica

Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CONCEPT replica 10 months 2 weeks ago #29712

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Brand Audemars Piguet
Item Type replica Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CONCEPT watches
Movement selfwinding
Case Titanium
Diameter 44 mm
Thickness 16.15 mm
Strap Blue rubber or black rubber
Dial color Openworked dial
clasp type titanium folding clasp
Glass Sapphire
Gender men
Functions Tourbillon, chronograph, hours, minutes, 30- minute counter, second counter and minute counter.
Boxes common box
Model Number 26587TI.OO.D031CA.01

jacob & co astronomia replica The failure analysis of the watch is only to judge the part where the failure may occur. What happened to the fault?On one or several parts, the watch must also be inspected specifically to be finalized. The advantage of failure analysis of the watch is that the inspection scope is reduced, thereby reducing the trouble of disassembly and assembly and thusPossible damage. When inspecting the watch, you can first determine which segment of the route the fault occurred on according to the three working routes of the watch, and then check the faulty parts.Watch is not allowed1.

The transmission system is faulty. In the direct transmission type, the split wheel is sleeved on the tube of the central wheel component, and the center wheel rotates to drive the minute wheel to rotate together. When the drive train fails, it will affect the movement of the pointer. The repair method is to re-distribute the splitter sleeve on the tube of the center wheel component to reduce friction.2. Two-wheeled fault, two-wheeled three-wheel output transmission form, the elastic part of the splitter disc is embedded in the slot of the splitter to form the splitter component, and the friction fit of the splitter wheel and the splitter is required to be long.

Keep it tight during the time.3, the head wheel failure, and in the transmission form of the head wheel output, generally two sets of wheels are put together to form a double wheel, which is also easy to cause the hands to fall off. The upper minute wheel is engaged with the cross wheel piece, and the lower minute wheel and the head wheel should be engaged (ie, the barrel wheel).Method of determining the point of failure1. Check the upper and lower needles with the handle shaft. If the winding is successful, the driving route of the winding is not faulty. It is not necessary to open the inspection for this part. If the needle can be smoothly dialed for more than 12 hours (the needle is rotated once)Week), the needle drive route is not faulty. urwerk ur-110 replica

It is not necessary to open the inspection for this part. If it is not possible to pay, remove the parts of the route to check; if the needle cannot be dialed, remove the parts of the needle to check.If it is not possible to apply a needle to the fork, it is important to disassemble the common parts of the upper strip and the needle for inspection. If there is a fault in this part, check the fault before proceeding to the next step.2. After removing the back cover of the watch. Shaking the movement of the watch: If the balance swings normally, the pallet fork moves, and the escape wheel does not move, it means that the fork to the balance spring has no fault, and the fault occurs in the section of the automatic line of the box wheel to the pallet fork. If the balance swings abnormally or not, the pallet does not move, and the fault part is in the section of the escapement shaft to the balance spring. It is necessary to disassemble the part of the watch for detection and analysis. The above is the analysis and judgment of the cause of the malfunction of the watch. Methods. http://www.watchgetluxury.com
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