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TOPIC: Audemars Piguet Concept Concept Supersonne

Audemars Piguet Concept Concept Supersonne 9 months 2 days ago #29742

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Audemars Piguet Replica Concept Concept Supersonnerie 26577TI.OO.D002CA.01 watch

Brand: Audemars Piguet
Model: 26577TI.OO.D002CA.01
Movement: Mechanics
Quality: Japanese AAA
Case: Titanium
Case size: 44 mm
Case thickness: 16.5 mm
Bracelet: Black rubber
Dial Color: Black
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Folding clasp
Glass: Sapphire
Gender: men
Year: 2015
Water resistance: Water Resistant
Functions: hour, minute, minute tutor

quality swiss replica watches Common faults and repair methods for electronic watches:1. No display The fault is manifested as blank on the LCD screen, which is equivalent to the stop seconds of the pointer quartz electronic watch.1. Power failure: It is completely the same as the conventional detection method of the pointer type electronic watch. You can also press the illumination button S3 to check the battery with the light bulb. If the light is dim or flashing, or even not lit, it indicates that the power supply is faulty. If the battery is dead, replace it with the original specification and model. In addition, pay attention to whether the electrode's pole piece is rusted and the installation position is correct.2. Whether the positive and negative input lines of the battery on the circuit board are short or short: use the ohmmeter of the multimeter to monitor the open circuit or short circuit. If the break or short circuit occurs in the vicinity of the chip of the integrated circuit, the repair is difficult, and the new circuit substrate has to be replaced.3. Boost circuit fault: Use the oscilloscope to detect the oscillating circuit. If there is an oscillating signal but the LCD screen has no display, the fault is mostly in the boost circuit. Generally, the booster circuit is detected by a conventional method. If the boost capacitor is broken down, a new capacitor is used. If the boost capacitor is normal, the CMOS integrated circuit is faulty, and the circuit substrate needs to be replaced.

4. Conductive rubber failure: In the case where the word output electrode and the common electrode signal of the conventional detection circuit substrate are normal, the liquid crystal screen is still not displayed, and the plurality of conductive rubbers are faulty. The conductive rubber failure has a small amount of compression, a small axial dimension, or a deformation of the plastic support and the pressure is not tight. It can be replaced with a wire rubber with a larger compression amount and a slightly larger axial size. If there is no accessory, you can also put the plastic bottom frame of the LCD screen with tape paper.5, moisture, sweat, dirt invaded the movement: six-function digital electronic watch, the general case is poorly sealed, moisture, sweat is easy to invade, between the dirt or the entry, often the circuit substrate and conductive rubber, and liquid crystal display The insulation resistance between the electrodes is seriously degraded, resulting in no display. This fault is a common fault after troubleshooting the above aspects. Practice has proved that the vast majority of non-displays are caused by such failures.The repair method is to wipe the parts with absolute alcohol and reassemble after the parts are dried.The above external factors may sometimes only cause the insulation resistance of the trimming capacitor or the fixed capacitor to decrease, and the loss angle of the capacitor is drastically increased, so that the oscillation circuit does not vibrate.

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