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We are on a journey of raising a sum of £1.2Million to secure our permanent place of worship, where we can call home, and continue with the work of impacting lives in our community through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
You can be a part of this groundbreaking cause by giving towards the project, and as you cheerfully give, the power of God’s provision will be unlocked in your life. Donate Now!

The ‘Goodnews’ Talent and Leadership Programme


Gold MedalsAn empowerment programme aimed at helping people discover their true purpose in christ, and how their God-given talent should be the driving force behind their passion.
Part of our mission, is to use the programme to emphasize the importance of choosing the right career path to help them develop that passion.  In working towards that goal, we see the need to provide spiritual, and emotional guidance as the foundation to living a purpose driven life that brings life-long fulfillment.
We will be partnering with career experts and putting a mentoring and accountability system in place to ensure members stay focused on their development goals.

‘The Goodnews’ Audio-Visual Studio

Part of the academy’s objectives is bringing other believers together to facilitate the production of faith-based and lifestyle-impacting content for mainstream and online TV and radio.
Online creative content producers are offered the opportunity to provide responsible coaching, directing, and mentoring, allowing creative expression and natural abilities to develop.
We are using the power of viral audio and video marketing to promote the gospel to the online frontier.
Our  team of creatives will be tasked with production of cutting-edge faith-based content aimed at connecting with a global audience and listeners through broadcast of relevant and current subjects.

Featured programs:

The ‘Goodnews’ Talent Show

A talent show held with all our sister parishes to identify outstanding talent in areas of singing, dancing, and musical Instrument playing.

Creative Performing Arts

Promoting the gospel through drama

The ‘Goodnews’ Podcast 

Our live and recorded online radio show that engages the online community on burning topics surrounding christian lifestyle, trending issues, music, entertainment, and career.